Calm Light by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

An ageing fisherman sat on the shore,
A moment to reflect on the times before,
The pride in his vessel, the love he forgot,
What he would do and what he would not,

With the crumple of pages, an idea rejected,
Hunched over his book, he knew he deflected,
That leak in the raft was not his to fix,
A delusion of his, illogical tricks,

A burdened fisherman paced down to the pier,
Out this far, he'd be certain to see her,
The undulating body of his goddess, familiar,
A lump in his throat as the moment grew nearer,

With a moment of pause, he held out his hands,
Released his book to sink to the sands,
Rolled back his shoulders, opened his lips,
Released to his deity all of his scripts,

"Who was I to treat my ship as a shrine?
Each has their own but I only saw mine,
I spent so long getting other's aboard,
Instead of syncing and moving toward,
The horizon alongside the ride of my peer",
The truth had made itself painfully clear,

A maturing fisherman pushed out into waters,
In search of her other sons and daughters,
The gleam of the sun coming off of the wet,
Our dear fisherman had not given up yet.