Doing Funny Things

As mentioned in my bio I like to engage in performing live comedy, whether it be stand-up or improv. Here I want to try and painfully document my comedy experiences.

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2022-03-10 - Atic Open Mic

My first time doing stand-up!

I dug through random digital notes I had laying around for a long time and managed to piece together a bunch of jokes which I stood in front of a microphone and read out... It went fine.

2022-05-12 - Atic Open Mic
My second time up, tweaking material a bit and trying not to hold a verbatim print-out while performing.
2022-06-30 - James Tavern Open Mic
Taking the material on the proverbial road, a lot scarier being at a different location around almost no-one I know. Laughs felt harder to earn but more satisfying to achieve.
2022-07-14 - Atic Open Mic
Back again to try out a couple of new jokes and the more refined existing ones.
2022-07-21 - Saints Coffee New Act / New Material
My first "paid" appearance performing a 5 minute spot at a ticketed event. My first payment was a deceptively tasty fruity beer (I don't like beer.)
2022-08-11 - Atic Open Mic

Went along to support a couple of mates and spectate. The bill was a bit short so got asked last minute to perform.

Read random puns off my phone and finished by doing some sole improv, oddly successful showing!

2022-09-05 - Royal Pug New Act / New Material

A second appearance on a ticketed bill.

This was the toughest night I've had on stage, the audience felt tough to win over, I managed to recover a joke and get the audience on-side before fumbling the pay-off. All-in-all a valuable learning experience but a huge knock to confidence.

2023-05-11 - Atic Open Mic
The strangest and most enjoyable act I've put together. The character of "Sturat" performing rat-based observational humour (I'll never recover the expenditure on an adult rat costume).
2023-12-14 - Atic Open Mic
Returning to the stage with absolutely none of my existing/good content to perform a set purely written about Christmas. It went down alright for a set written about 3 days before.
2024-01-18 - Milton Keynes
My first time having a 10 minute spot. Compiled a "best of" of my material, fleshed out some bits and managed to hold roughly 9 minutes of the slot. Probably my most "professional" performance.