This page was last updated on 2024-02, if that's more than 6 months ago then things have probably changed a bit!

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My name's Stu, I work in tech (high-performance computing), perform comedy and run around a bit.

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I'm a mid-90s baby who spends too much time on the Internet (woah, so unique). I listen to hardcore/post-hardcore/metalcore music (woah, so edgy). I am a nerd about comedy and occasionally perform stand-up (woah, rule of threes).

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For work, I run a software development team creating tools for HPC environments to improve the user experience and access to resources. As this is my personal website I'd rather keep the "job stuff" to LinkedIn as I want this to be a place for random useful tech articles and hobby posts (although I rarely write blog posts because I just don't sit down and write enough).

I'm a bit of a scatterbrain and find myself phasing in and out of hobbies and interests so here are things that make me "tick" at the moment (or that always make me "tick"):

  • Running for the sake of it (started August 2023 and ran my first half marathon a few weeks ago in 1:40:05, a time I'm really proud of!)
  • Attending live music shows (and tracking the bands I've seen live)
  • Listening to podcasts
    • Mainly Hey Riddle Riddle and Last Podcast on the Left
  • Watching the Premier League (Cmon you Gunners)

But all that is just what I'm into right now, one day I could be back to:

  • Performing short-form improv comedy
    • Running free-to-attend workshops as well
  • Messing around with coding projects
    • Writing video games
    • Creating silly Discord bots
  • Composing songs
    • Using GarageBand to mix silly audio recordings with loops
  • Co-hosting a podcast
    • What white man doesn't want a podcast?
  • Writing poetry
  • Woodworking
  • Exploring the occult

So, yeah, that pretty much is a braindump ramble on things I do and think about.

Treat people how you want to be treated. Pay it forward. If something excites and scares you, do it!

Oh, I'm also a vegan.