Welcome to stuts.uk! A (subjectively) exciting website, created and maintained by Stu Franks, acting as a portfolio and space for documentation, blogs, ventures and ramblings.

Who Is STUTS / Stu Franks?

I’m Stu Franks, a 20-something year old IT Technician specialising in HPC Cluster Computing. Besides typing away at a desk I enjoy playing all sorts of video games (read: Rocket League and occasionally Fortnite). Besides working in IT, I have a interest in comedy (improv your life!) and an urge to write poetry.

What Is This Site For?

This site originally was my place for sharing guides and fixes I’ve found through various fights with CentOS and RHEL in the world of HPC but over time it’s started to evolve into much more than that…

STUTS is my online face and my face isn’t just circuitboard (yet) so I’ve pushed it to become a more accurate overview of who I am. I’m a scatterbrain, I jump between interests and activities, dropping things and picking things back up. Seeing where ventures and things take me. Over time I’ve:

I’d love it if you were to follow along with this site and I hope that the content proves itself to be useful & fun!