Person Forming Clay Pot by Pixabay on Pexels

Wet the clay and place it down,
Get to work on the shapeless mound,
Excitement grows from first touch,
Pictures in mind, manifest as such,
For the jar is yet to begin its form,
You've started again, as is the norm,

The shape rises from delicate attention,
Sides expand from lack of contention,
Honest touches to create the piece,
This loving focus a wanted release,

Now look down at the stains on your apron,

How many times sat here before?
A beautiful creation turned into a chore,
Idealised jar rising from the wheel,
Though it stands different to how you did feel,
What difference will you make?
Making connection for connection's sake,
Your creation now horribly bloating,
As your mind escapes, hopeless floating,
Why not look inside instead?
The jar inside is easily misled,
The work it needs, quick to forget,
It's barely taken form, don't let it set,

Step back, a project you shouldn't start,
To create without care is hardly art,
Step forward, inner projects commence,
Clay left aside until it all makes sense.