'The sun rising over the mountains.' by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

Look past the hills and you'll see a new dawn,
Open your diary and the pages are torn,
I can't hazard a guess as to why it all is,
Or why your eyes look at mine and not his,

All I do know is that loneliness is true,
And there are always people just like you,
So hold out your hand and grasp on tight,
I promise I'll never let you out of my sight,

A love that comes strong should not be let go,
And a love that starts lightly needs time to grow,
A kiss on the cheek can steal a frown,
If it's on another it will only lead down,

What works and what doesn't are neither and the same,
What causes things to end is everyone's blame,
So perfection is not but a simple conception,
Which is but your own, a common perception,

An answer is out there but the question is gone,
Keep on searching and don't move along,
Sometimes you'll be up, sometimes you'll be down,
Keep your head steady and you'll finish with a crown.