Burning Book Page by Movidagrafica on Pexels

Call me love and just steal my breathe,
I'll give it all 'til there's nothing left,
But an open hole inside my soul,
The things I try to forget,

Say my name and just keep my heart,
Laser focused on a fresh start,
Go lay to bed within my head,
The things I try to forget,

Catch my eye and just own this guy,
Loyal and twisted and burning,
Gives what he gets,
Has no regrets,
The things I try to forget,

Simple care,
A life to share,
It takes a long time, this learning,

Not free from the past,
He's seeing at last,
What he has done with his yearning,

Clearing the air,
Honest, real care,
The truest of loves, still burning,

One day yet,
Notice the debt,
Of the things I try to forget.