Over the last couple of months I found myself wanting to compile 2022 into some sort of annual review as an exercise of reflection. I came to the conclusion that there was too much I wanted to write about and, short of writing a 3000+ word essay on the year, I wasn't going to be able to cover it all.

So, here I am, writing a blog post almost a year after my last one to do exactly the opposite but, hopefully, set a little challenge for this year... To do monthly reviews!

With Listenbrainz tracking my music listening and myself tracking movies, books, games & TV shows I've been absorbing I'll aim to do a mini review of all the content I've been engaging with to try and get onto the ol' blogging horse. I'm sure my movie-buff friends can't wait to hear what I've been watching (spoiler: they can).

January's review is already in the works, let's see how long this lasts...