Welcome to the digital home of Stu Franks (stuts)!

This is a (subjectively) exciting website, created and maintained by Stu Franks, acting as a portfolio and space for documentation, blogs, ventures and ramblings.

I'm Stu Franks, a 20-something year old IT Technician specialising in HPC Cluster Computing. Besides typing away at a desk I enjoy playing all sorts of video games (read: exclusively Rocket League). Other than IT, my main interests involve doing comedy (improv your life!), researching the occult (eye of newt) and writing poetry (or perhaps just rhyming words).

STUTS is my online face and my face isn't just circuitboard (yet) so I've pushed it to become a more accurate overview of who I am. I'm a scatterbrain, I jump between interests and activities, dropping things and picking things back up. Seeing where ventures and things take me. Over time I've:

  • Experimented with creating video games in Python, Game Maker Studio and Unity
  • Written a trashy Discord bot
  • Played around with making electronic music
  • Co-hosted a podcast
  • Ventured into poetry and creative writing
  • Regularly practised improvised comedy through both workshops I attend and others that I host


I like subdomains, they are clean, pretty and direct. To satisfy my need for modular chunks of stuff to look after, I'm planning to break out multiple subdomains of stuts.uk to separate various content (and because I thought it'd be fun). This is a work in progress but the currently planned subdomains are:

  • blog.stuts.uk - An index of my various blogs, also find them below...
  • poetry.stuts.uk - A collection of poems I've written
  • tech.stuts.uk - Guides, tutorials notes or rants about my life in tech
  • friends.stuts.uk - Useful sites, projects made by friends and any other sites that I want to share
  • projects.stuts.uk - All projects and things that I am or will be working on
  • social.stuts.uk - A collection of links to various social media and public presences have










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